Enigma ID E10
Name NATO Alphabet
Status Inactive
Voice Female
Emission mode USB + carrier
Location Israel


Activity pages

E10 was an Israeli number station. Last reported in March 2011.


All letter sequences were spelled using the NATO phonetic alphabet.

No traffic

3 minutes
3-letter ID  

One message

3 minutes
YHF Message, message Group 91, group 91 Text, text MDMGI QJBWU ... RSFFT POIXL End of message Repeat, repeat Message, message Group 91, group 91 Text, text MDMGI QJBWU ... RSFFT POIXL End of message End of transmission
3-letter ID   Group count
  5-letter single groups       Group count
  5-letter single groups    


For much of its life, E10 operated seven "stations," each using a different 3-letter ID (ART, EZI, FTJ, JSR, PCD, ULX, YHF). Each station operated on 30-minute time slots (at H+00 and H+30) and, for much of the day, all seven were active simultaneously. Each of the stations used a different frequency range, implying different target areas.

Each 30-minute slot typically carried the same message for a prolonged period of time. During political events in the Middle East (e.g. the Second Intifada or the 2003 invasion of Iraq), traffic had usually increased, with more messages, greater group counts, and additional time slots.

In November 2007, the station JSR had ceased operation. In July 2008, the station FTJ had also disappeared. From March 2010 to March 2011, only one of the five remaining stations was active during any given 30-minute slot.


E10a was a variant of E10 that sent alphanumeric strings, rather than 5-letter groups. The broadcasts consisted of a 3-letter ID followed by a string, repeated for several minutes.

The 3-letter IDs associated with this variant were CIO, KPA, MIW, SYN, and VLB. Those stations operated on H+15 and H+45 time slots, rather than H+00 and H+30.

On March 15, 2006, the only known cleartext string was sent, which read "KPAG1O2O3D4N5I6G7H8T." E10a was last reported in May 2006.



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