The information presented here is not exhaustive and is mainly focused on major currently active numbers station operators using several counterpart modes at the same time.

Operator Country Active modes Inactive modes
Russian 6 Russia E06, S06, M14, F01, F06 E17, E20, G06, V06, V23
Russian 7 Russia E07, V07, M12, XPA, XPA2, XPB G07, S07, V07f, XP, XPH
Polish 11 Poland E11, S11a, F03, P03 G10, S26, G11, S11, M03, F11
UOP Poland   G02, M04, E23
Ukrainian sz Ukraine   E17z, S06s
DGI Cuba HM01 V02, V02a, M08, M08a, SK01