Enigma ID G04
Name Three Note Oddity
Status Inactive
Voice Female, automated (the same as G03)
Emission mode AM
Location Hungary
Activity pages

G04 is generally believed to have been operated by Hungarian intelligence and transmitted from Budapest area, ceased in 2005.

Preamble Message Outro
Three long, rising, sharp telephone tones Achtung, Achtung 32587 32587 05458 05458 ... 32125 32125 Ende, Ende
Repeated for 5 minutes   5-figure paired groups  

No amount of 5-figure groups in the message was given. Up until 2000, transmitted messages were highly non-random, as it can be seen, for example, here. The messages didn't look as much non-random afterwards.

Historical schedule: First Thursday of the month at 20:05 and 20:35 UTC (summer) or 21:05 and 21:35 UTC (winter). The frequency of the first sending was random, but always within 3 - 6 MHz range, lower in European winter. The repeat was 100 kHz above the previous frequency (since 2000, lower before that).