Enigma ID M07
Frequencies Same as M10
Status Inactive
Voice N/A
Emission mode MCW
Location Czechia
Activity pages

M07 was run by the Czech military intelligence.  Last heard on 8 November 2001.[1]

M07 transmission began and ended with a sequence of tones resembling Morse characters for one minute. Between them:

Preamble Message Outro
630 88 26 = = 65389 65389 40754 40754 ... = = 88 26 0 0 0
3-figure recipient ID 2-figure number, purpose unknown Group count   5-figure paired groups   2-figure number, purpose unknown Group count  
Repeated thrice Repeated twice Repeated twice       Repeated twice Repeated twice  

The preamble and the outro were sent at 15 WPM, whereas the message groups were 20 WPM. Zero was sent as T - a single dash.

The format was similar to M10, and also the same frequencies were used, but M07 always carried only one message. M07 could have started at any 10-minute interval within an hour. Sometimes M10 messages were sent on M07 with the same headers.

M07's old intro and outro were reported to be rapid dashes, rather than dot/dash sequences.


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