Enigma ID M29a
Status Inactive
Voice N/A
Emission mode ICW
Location Hungary?
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M29 is generally believed to have been operated by Hungarian intelligence and transmitted from Budapest area. Morse code counterpart to G04. Last heard in 2003.

M29a differs from M29 by the lack of complex message header, making it roughly equivalent to its voice counterpart. The speed was 12 words per minute. One dash was used for zero, rather than five.

Preamble Message Outro
VVV VVV DE VDE VDE VDE BT BT 74963 74963 75298 75298 ... AR
    5-figure paired groups  
Repeated for 5 minutes

"VDE" was a bogus callsign, officially allocated to Canada. The same non-random encryption method as G04 was employed for the messages, see the G04 page for details.

[Based on ENIGMA 2000 Morse Profiles List]