Digital Modes

Enigma ID F03, P03
Status Active
Voice N/A
Emission mode USB; FSK, 4FSK, BPSK, QPSK
Location Warsaw, Poland

Polish (icon)

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The Polish 11 operator uses a custom modem to broadcast digital messages. Its various waveforms are designated F03 (FSK and MFSK) and P03 (PSK).

All digital schedules are twice weekly, follow year-round UTC (no daylight saving), and consist of 2 identical transmissions 5 minutes apart. Typically, each day of the week carries a different message, which is repeated week after week until it's replaced at beginning of the next month. Null messages do not appear to exist in these modes.

Most, if not all, digital schedules are associated with E11 and S11a transmissions taking place on the same days of the week, although the exact nature of this relationship is not established. The associated analog and digital broadcasts can be anywhere between a few minutes and a few hours apart.

The following 12 variants of F03 and P03 are currently on the air. The related variants are highlighted using the same color.

Variant Modulation Baud Shift Center Period Sample
F03f FSK 400 Bd 800 Hz +1200 Hz 496 bits

F03i FSK 100 Bd 800 Hz +1200 Hz 488 bits

F03j 4FSK 100 Bd 400 Hz +1200 Hz 448 bits

F03l FSK 100 Bd 200 Hz +700 Hz 448 bits

P03e QPSK 100 Bd - +1000 Hz 488 bits

P03f QPSK 200 Bd - +1000 Hz 496 bits

P03g BPSK 50 Bd - +1000 Hz 464 bits

P03h BPSK 100 Bd - +1000 Hz 512 bits

P03i BPSK 62.5 Bd - +1000 Hz 464 bits

P03j QPSK 100 Bd - +1000 Hz 504 bits

P03k BPSK 100 Bd - +1000 Hz 480 bits

P03l QPSK 100 Bd - +1000 Hz 464 bits