Enigma ID V07
Name Spanish Lady 000 000
Status Active
Voice Female (Spanish)
Emission mode USB
Location Khabarovsk, Russia

Russian (icon)

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V07 is the Spanish language mode of the Russian 7 operator.

Null format:

2 minutes
661 661 661 000
3-digit ID

Traffic format:

2 minutes
845 845 845 1 333 77 333 77 92034 90836 ... 61109 12243 000 000
3-digit ID
3-digit or
4-digit group
Group count 3-digit or
4-digit group
Group count 5-digit single groups  

In case of an unexpected interruption during the transmission, the station restarts with the intro, repeated for one minute, followed by the current message continued from some groups before the failure; the preamble is omitted.

The sole V07 schedule consists of 3 identical transmissions 20 minutes apart. Each successive transmission is 1-2 MHz lower or higher in frequency. The third transmission does not take place in case of a null message. The frequencies are typically changed on a monthly basis.


V07 was first noted as early as 1995, using a male voice. Initially, it was based in Europe, with schedules on Monday & Friday starting at 20:00, and Tuesday & Thursday starting at 06:00, as of 1999.[1] On 6 February 2001, V07 gained a new female voice; the voice of its sister station E07 also changed at the same time.[2]  The emission mode at the time was AM, with the voice pitched up by one semitone and slightly sped up, which was typical for this agency's AM transmissions until March 2018.

V07's voice used from February 2001 until June 2017

V07 has not operated any European regular schedules since 2007. In 2011, it resurfaced on a new schedule based in Khabarovsk, using USB mode. On 27 March 2012, V07 made two appearances in Europe, at 07:10 and 07:30 respectively, with a different voice and a 30-group message. However, it has not been heard on this slot since.

V07 as heard on 27 March 2012

On 21 June 2017, a Moscow-based test transmission of V07 was made on 10256 kHz[3], a known Russian 7 test frequency, featuring a new voice and a new speed. Following this test, this new voice and speed were introduced on the usual Sunday schedule on 2 July 2017. At the same time, the schedule also received its first major revision, with new frequencies and reorganized time slots.

Since December 2017, V07 transmissions contain an AM crosstalk at +3 kHz within its signal. It has been identified as Radio Vostok Rossii, a commercial broadcaster based in Khabarovsk. The same broadcaster is leaked on V07's tune up carriers as well.

In September 2021, V07 transmissions were heard from Moscow, featuring apparently yet another new voice. The transmissions used H3E USB mode - with cleanly suppressed LSB - which departs from normal, or even test, Russian 7 operations. On 13 October 2022, again from Moscow, V07 was transmitted using AM mode and its current production voice in Khabarovsk.


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