Enigma ID V24
Frequencies 4900, 4925, 5115, 5150, 5290, 5715, 5900, 6215, 6310
Status Inactive
Voice Female (Korean)
Emission mode AM
Location South Korea

South Korea

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V24 is a South Korean number station.

Transmission format: (translated from Korean)

  1. Musical introduction
  2. "For the number" followed by a 3- or 4-digit ID
  3. "Please receive a message of length" followed by the group count
  4. 4-digit groups (spoken as two tens) or 5-digit groups (spoken as a hundred followed by a ten)
  5. "I will send the message again"
  6. 4-digit groups (spoken as a digit followed by a hundred) or 5-digit groups (spoken as a ten followed by a hundred)
  7. "That is all, thank you"

V24 schedules are thrice monthly and assigned to fixed days of the month. Transmissions do not take place when there is no message to be broadcast. Each schedule has a specific musical introduction, usually a contemporary K-pop song or a classical music piece.


V24 has been reported since at least the 1970s. The station has gone through many different genres for its musical introductions, ranging from martial music, North Korean folk, classical, Western, to the currently dominant K-pop.

The current V24 voice was first used on April 2, 2012. The previous voice may be heard on the following recording:

V24 went off the air in June 2015. On November 25-26, 2015, the station broadcast the K-pop song "Into the New World" in a loop for 36 hours, simultaneously on two of its known frequencies. Regular transmissions resumed in February 2016.

V24 was least heard in September 2020 and has been inactive since then.


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