Enigma ID V30
Name The Lighthouse
Frequencies 10.255 MHz
Status Inactive
Voice Male and female
Emission mode USB
Location Vietnam
Activity pages

The language was Vietnamese. Voice counterpart of M97. First heard on February 21, 2010, and last heard on May 6, 2016.


Intro Preamble   Message Outro
Sơn Ca gọi Hải Đăng năm hai năm ba Tin nhắn Số điện sông năm tám hai hai Số nhóm bảy một Nội dung của đầu: 01340 35424 75132... Sơn Ca gọi Hải Đăng năm năm năm tãm
Sơn Ca is calling the lighthouse 5253 Private message  Key 05822 Number of groups 71 Contents of the message: 01340 35424 75132... Sơn Ca is calling the lighthouse 5558

Like M97, the whole message was repeated several times before finally shutting down. Transmissions in total lasted around 30 minutes. Messages were sometimes reused for months and even years.

V30 had only one schedule, which was very erratic and did not always transmit. It transmitted at 16:00 UTC on 10255. The computer clock used for the transmissions was inaccurate and every day the transmission start shifted a few seconds before the intended time, thus reaching start times as early as 15:54 before the clock was put on time again.

The voice used changed several times during its lifetime. It started as a live or prerecorded male and female, and noises like traffic sound could be heard on background. It later changed to an automated voice.

Document about V30 on N&O: