The Czech diplomatic service maintains HF connectivity at many non-European Czech embassies. The mode used is PACTOR-III, emitted on the upper sideband, controlled using the Easytransfer software. As of 2019, it appears that the MFA (OLZ88) is no longer active on this network, while the MoD (OL1A) is still operational.

Location Callsign
MFA Prague OLZ88
MoD Prague OL1A
Embassy Abuja  
Embassy Addis Ababa  
Embassy Algiers OLZ52
Embassy Amman  
Embassy Ankara  
Embassy Baghdad  
Embassy Beijing OLZ78
Embassy Beirut OLZ75
Embassy Cairo OLZ69
Embassy Hanoi  
Embassy Havana  
Embassy Islamabad  
Embassy Jakarta  
Embassy Kuwait City OLZ70
Embassy Kyiv  
Embassy Moscow OLZ76
Embassy New Delhi OLZ66
Embassy Pretoria  
Embassy Pyongyang  
Embassy Rabat  
Embassy Tbilisi OLZ85
Embassy Tel Aviv  
Embassy Tokyo  
Embassy Tunis  
Embassy Washington, D.C.