Enigma ID XPA2
Status Active
Voice N/A
Emission mode USB; 14-tone MFSK, 7.8125 Bd, 15.625 Hz
Location Moscow, Russia

Russian (icon)

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XPA2 is a digital mode of the Russian 7 operator. It utilizes a custom 14-tone MFSK system.

Null format:

02196 00001 00000 34663
5-digit group
with "0" in front
    5-digit group
with "3" or "4" in front

Traffic format:

09859 00194 83067 00308 ... 10077 24406
5-digit group
with "0" in front
Group count minus 3
padded to 5 digits
5-digit single groups

Multiple messages within a single transmission are separated using "00000 00000."

All XPA2 schedules are twice weekly and consist of 3 identical transmissions 20 minutes apart. Each successive transmission is 1-2 MHz lower or higher in frequency. The frequencies are typically changed on a monthly basis.