Enigma ID V13
Name New Star Broadcasting Station
Frequencies 7502, 7688, 8169, 8300, 9276, 11430, 13974, 14944, 15890, 18040, 20025, 20095
Status Active
Voice Female (Mandarin Chinese)
Emission mode USB + carrier
Location Taiwan


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V13 is a Taiwanese number station.


V13 broadcasts consist of a series of 4-digit group messages. The following is a rundown of each broadcast:

Broadcast intro
1. Musical introduction

2. This is the New Star Broadcasting Station and the program number

3. Preambles of all messages to be sent, all repeated twice

Message procedure (for each message)
4. Preamble: the 4-digit ID, the group count, and the ID repeated

5. 4-digit paired groups

5a. A separator appears every 20 groups if the message exceeds that length

6. Postamble: the 4-digit ID and the group count

Broadcast outro
7. Broadcast outro

There is also a very rare null format:



V13 operates four numbered programs (#1, #2, #3, #4), each targeting a different part of East Asia. Each program is assigned to a fixed 2-hour time slot, during which the broadcast is repeated four times in 30-minute intervals. Typically, a different frequency is used during the second hour. The broadcasts are irregular, although they are often daily.