Enigma ID X06, X06a, X06b, X06c

Spectrum image X06

Name Mazielka
Status Active
Voice N/A
Emission mode USB + carrier, USB, AM
Location Moscow, Russia
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Known counterpart stations

Mazielka is a selective call system used by MFA Moscow, and possibly the operator of the Russian 7 family as well.

Usually transmitted in USB mode with a carrier, it consists of a roughly 2-second string of 6 tones in succession, 333 ms per tone, followed by a 1380 ms pause, repeated over and over. The tones have the following frequencies:

1 2 3 4 5 6
820 850 880 920 960 1000

In normal operation, strings of only unique digits are used, allowing 720 different combinations, although far fewer than that are actually being used.

In the past, Mazielka acted as an alert system for unscheduled diplomatic transmissions using RTTY and Serdolik modes. However, since the semi-retirement of those modes, its current purpose is uncertain. Currently, Mazielka is most often heard on semi-fixed schedules, not followed by any other mode.

When not in normal operation, Mazielka can be heard using various non-unique digit strings, such as:





In one particular case, the sequence 111666 can be heard about an hour before European E07, M12XPA, and XPA2 schedules, on the frequencies they are going to use, in ascending order.

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