Russian Morse code

Russia has one of the few armed forces left worldwide still using Morse code on a broad scale. For most part, the Russian Morse code uses rough Latin alphabet equivalents of the Cyrillic letters, but recycles some unrelated symbols for letters not present in the Latin alphabet.

Cyrillic Symbol International Morse
A [A] █░███ A
Б [B] ███░█░█░█ B
В [V] █░███░███ W
Г [G] ███░███░█ G
Д [D] ███░█░█ D
Е [Ye] or [E] E
Ж [Zh] █░█░█░███ V
З [Z] ███░███░█░█ Z
И [I] █░█ I
Й [Y] or [I] █░███░███░███ J
К [K] ███░█░███ K
Л [L] █░███░█░█ L
М [M] ███░███ M
H [N] ███░█ N
О [O] ███░███░███ O
П [P] █░███░███░█ P
P [R] █░███░█ R
С [S] █░█░█ S
Т [T] ███ T
У [U] █░█░███ U
Ф [F] █░█░███░█ F
Х [Kh] █░█░█░█ H
Ц [Ts] ███░█░███░█ C
Ч [Ch] ███░███░███░█ Ö
Ш [Sh] ███░███░███░███ Ch
Щ [Shch] ███░███░█░███ Q
Ъ ["] or [#] ███░███░█░███░███ Ñ
Ы [Y] ███░█░███░███ Y
Ь ['] ███░█░█░███ X
Э [E] █░█░███░█░█ É
Ю [Yu] █░█░███░███ Ü
Я [Ya] █░███░█░███ Ä
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